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Judge Mike McHa​ney for Appellate Court 


The First Judge to rule against Governor J.B. Pritzker's 

unconstitutional mandates.


     In the aftermath of 2020 elections, I saw courts refuse to hear cases regarding voting irregularities.  I believe the courts failed voters in 2020.  If a Judge is afraid to make a ruling that may offend the woke mob, or take on hot button issues, they are failing their fellow Americans. I realized when Mark Steyn said I was the "greatest Judge in the United States right now," it was simply because I did my job and upheld the Constitution.   While I did appreciate the accolades of the likes of Mark Steyn, I thought what a sad state our country is in when a Judge from Southern Illinois is singled out on the Rush Limbaugh Show for simply upholding the Constitution.  

     What happened in 2020 when Americans needed the judiciary to rule on election cases?  They hid behind the bench instead of ruling from it.  In these difficult times, Illinoisans need a confident conservative Constitutionalist who will never cave to the woke mob and is not afraid to rule from the bench.  I will never refuse to take on the tough cases, and I will always uphold the Constitution.  I only have one job, and it is a full-time job, not a part-time gig.      

    I want to be your next Fifth District Appellate Court Justice because of my love of country, my love for the Constitution, and my sincere desire to end the tyranny that we find ourselves facing under the failed leadership of JB Pritzker, Joe Biden and the Democrats.  Don't underestimate the power of our collective patriotism to end this tyrannical rule, together we can do it.

     My experience, my ability to put Country over mob rule will make me the best candidate for the Appellate Court seat.  I respectfully, ask for your vote in the June 28th, 2022, Primary and then in the November General Election.